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Most users don't verify on online platforms because of privacy concerns. This makes it hard to moderate them. When a hater or troll gets moderated, they can just create a new account. To make more users verify, Trusted Accounts built a verification service that puts privacy first. We keep user identities secret. So there is no reason for a user not to verify.

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Privacy by default

Trusted Accounts encrypts all verification data and keeps users' identities secret.

Why users trust Trusted Accounts

Trusted Accounts is a not-for-profit company. We give away 100% of our revenue to projects that help the internet become a more peaceful place.

Verify with Trusted demo

Click the button to sign in to your Trusted Account.

Verify with Trusted

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Check out various flows from verification to sign-in and sign-up with Trusted.

Check out Figma prototype

Use cases

Some of the reasons to add Verify with Trusted to your site are:

  • Make more users verify and build a more relevant community
  • Use verified Trusted Accounts to protect comments, voting, or forms from abuse while allowing anonymity.
  • Use Sign in with Trusted as an alternative to data octopuses ("Sign in with Google/Facebook/...")
  • Users can verify one Trusted Account instead of re-verifying on every platform.
  • You become an active part of a more peaceful web. 🖖

Supported features

These features are supported by Verify with Trusted:

  • Verify, to allow a user to verify their existing profile on your platform.
  • Sign up, to allow a user to create an account on your platform with their verified Trusted Account.
  • Sign in, to allow a user to sign in on your platform with their verified Trusted Account.
Flexible integration

Trusted Accounts will just add a verification ID to the user's profile. You can handle the profile just like you would handle any other user. But know that the user is verified.

Data privacy

Big tech often defines privacy in the way that you and they have access to your data. We believe that no one should be able to access your verification data. Period.

  • Trusted Accounts equips every user with a different verification ID per platform to prevent platforms to share user information with each other without consent.
  • All user data gets encrypted in a way that no one can read it.
  • Nobody should be able to access our verification data, not even us. Period.
Unable to disclose user identity

Even if Trusted Accounts were forced to give out user data by law enforcement, we couldn't. All we could provide would be a randomly and irreversibly encrypted data string.

Better safe than sorry

Do not throw all your security measures overboard, just because you use Trusted Accounts. Trusted Accounts is a user verification service, not an all-in-one platform fraud protection.